I regularly give talks, moderate panels, and appear on TV shows & podcasts. Please use the contact form to get in touch with me about a speaking engagement. I look forward to hearing from you!





MIT Technology Review, EmTech Digital, host & panel moderator. March 23 - 25. San Francisco, CA.
TEDxGateway, speaker. February 23. Mumbai, India.

Neural Information Processing Systems, panel speaker. December 8 - 14. Vancouver, Canada.
TEDxCambridge Salon, panel moderator. November 20. Cambridge, MA.
MIT Technology Review, EmTech MIT, host & panel moderator. September 17 - 19. Cambridge, MA.
WNPR, “Algorithms: The DNA to our Digital Data,” guest. August 9.
Marketing and AI Conference, keynote speaker & panel moderator. July 16 - 18. Cleveland, OH.
MIT Technology Review, TR50 China, host & panel moderator. June 29. Hangzhou, China.
MIT Technology Review, EmTech Next, host & panel moderator. June 11 - 12. Cambridge, MA.
CyFy Africa, panel moderator. June 7 - 8. Tangier, Morocco.
AI at Work podcast, “The Intersection of Technology and Society.” May 28.
Deep Learning Summit, panel moderator. May 23 - 24. Boston, MA.
Women in AI dinner, host. May 21. Boston, MA.
MIT SOLVE, panel moderator. May 9. Cambridge, MA.
AI Everything Summit, conference track chair. April 30 - May 1. Dubai, UAE.
Daily Tech News Show podcast, “AI and Machine Learning Explained.” April 13.
Asian Tech Leaders podcast, “Karen Hao.” April 12.
Fixed That For You podcast, “Data and Da Vinci.” April 7.
Women in Data Science Boston, panel moderator. April 5. Boston, MA.
MIT Technology Review, EmTech Digital, host & panel moderator. March 25 - 26. San Francisco, CA.
MIT Enterprise Forum, Data Ethics event, panel moderator. February 13. Boston, MA.